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Abandoned Love: Remember When Psylocke Had Magic Ninja Powers?

by  in Comic News Comment
Abandoned Love: Remember When Psylocke Had Magic Ninja Powers?

Every installment of Abandoned Love we will be examining comic book stories, plots and ideas that were abandoned by a later writer without retconnng away the previous story. Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of Abandoned Love. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

Today, we take a look at the odd point in Psylocke’s career where she had magic ninja powers (plus a magic facial tattoo, to boot!)…

So we all know the basics about Psylocke. She was a British telepath who then got transformed into a British telepath who was also an Asian ninja who liked to talk about the focused totality of her powers, like here in Uncanny X-Men #271 (by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee and Scott Williams)…

And so it went for a number of years until Uncanny X-Men #328 (by Scott Lobdell, Joe Madureira and Tim Townsend). The X-Men had been keeping Sabretooth as a prisoner in the X-Mansion for some time, as Professor Xavier believed that he could rehabilitate the feral mutant killer. Xavier gave up in this issue. However, while the X-Men waited for the United State government to take Sabretooth into custody (because, of course, you should always trust a mutant killing machine to the shadowy parts of the government), X-Force member Boomer (the X-Force folks were living in the mansion at the time) decided to confront Sabretooth. She had tried to befriend him after Wolverine had stabbed Sabretooth in the brain, seemingly leaving him as an innocent, nearly brain dead creature (sort of sounds like Boomer, to be frank) and now she felt very betrayed. Psylocke, meanwhile, monitored the exchange to make sure Boomer didn’t do something dumb. Who, then, is the bigger fool? The fool (Boomer) or the fool that lets the fool do foolish things (Psylocke)?

So this leads to a pretty awesome fight between Psylocke and Sabretooth, which allowed Madureira to really cut loose, which you know he loved to do…


So the next issue, Wolverine decides to take Archangel on a magical quest for some famed elixir from the famous Crimson Dawn…

In the end (in Uncanny X-Men #330, by Lobdell, Jeph Loeb, Madureira and Townsend), they save Psylocke’s life by entering a representation of her soul into the elixir…

So Psylocke is saved! You didn’t think it would be THAT easy, though, do you? Go to the next page to find out how her “rescue” went a bit wrong…

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