Abandoned Love: Did Batman Just Kill That Guy?

That happened in Batman #420. Less than 20 issues later, the next writer on the series, Marv Wolfman, abandoned that plot for Batman, as likely editor Denny O'Neil changed his mind on whether he wanted Batman to be seen as having killed one of his villains.

During the Year 3 storyline, where Batman and Nightwing come together due to the release of the man who killed Nightwing's parents, the pair watch as the villain is murdered by other gangsters...

Nightwing believes Batman had something to do with it and uses the KGBeast example to show that something has changed within Batman since the death of Jason Todd...

So yeah, he changed his mind off-panel after the end of #420. A pretty simple resolution, but an effective one! Well, except for even there, Batman's plan to just tell the cops to go capture the dangerous assassin that Batman couldn't even take out one on one doesn't seem like a great plan, either, does it?

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