Abandoned Love Archive

Here is an archive of all the editions of Abandoned Love that we have done so far. This is for comic book stories and ideas that were abandoned without specifically retconning the abandoned story (as opposed to Abandoned an' Forsaked, when the abandoned story is specifically overwritten as if it never happened)

Click on each one to see a write-up of the abandoned storyline. The stories are listed in chronological order, so the most recent installment is at the bottom...

1. Punisher is a Supernatural Avenging Angel?

2. Mal Duncan is the new Guardian!

3. Mental Trauma Reverted Captain America to his 4-F Body!

4. Jonah Hex is Stuck in the Future!

5. Booster Gold's New Threads!

6. How Do We Get Wonder Woman Back From Being a Mod?

7. Whatever Happened to Peter and Mary Jane's Baby?

8. The Scorched Earth of the New 52 Green Arrow

9. The Titanic Tale of Teen Tony Stark, AKA Iron Teen

10. Ms. Marvel's Mind-Controlling Boyfriend

11. How the Nuclear Men Became the Nuclear MAN

12. Is Captain America Super Strong or What?

13. So Is Sandman a Good Guy, a Bad Guy or What?

14. Pretty Short-Lived Tribute to Your Dead Ex-Wife...

15. How Geoff Johns Fixed Cyborg

16. Steel Used to be Able to Teleport?

17. What Do You Do When a Team Member Is Suddenly Not Available?

18. How Did Morrison Clear the Deck for His JLA?

19. So HOW is Scarlet Witch a Good Guy Again?

20. So Are the X-Men Invisible to Cameras or What?

21. How Did Hal Jordan ORIGINALLY Handle the Destruction of Coast City?

22. Remember How Wolverine Went Feral And Lost His Nose And Then Just Went Back to Normal?

23. Remember That Time That Captain America Died for a Whole Whopping ISSUE?

24. Did Batman Just KILL That Guy?

25. Remember When Gambit Went BLIND?

26. Isn't Cyclops' Dad Dead?

27. Bucky Was Shot and Replaced as Captain America's Partner?

28. The New 52 Batgirl Overhaul

29. The Skrulls Can Never Change Shape Again!?

30. So What Color Is Beast Boy Anyways?

31. Did the Joker Turn Catwoman Evil?

32. Why Lady Deathstrike's Vendetta Against Wolverine is the Dumbest

33. Remember When Gambit Was a Horseman of Apocalypse?

34. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are now members of the Aveng...oh, wait, never mind

35. So Wasp is a Mutated Wasp-Like Creature or What?

36. The Death and Life of Scott Lang, Ant-Man

37. The Death and Life of Cassie Lang, Ant-Man's Daughter

38. Stop Making Out With Your Sister, Luke!

39. Where Did Deadpool's Second Inner Monologue Go?

40. So Who Exactly is the Sea Hag's Son?

41. Wonder Woman's a Member of Justice League Europ...Oh, Wait, Never Mind

42. "Let Me Train You to Take Over After I'm No Longer Captain America...Hmmm...Never Mind"

43. Hank Pym Can Never Change Sizes Again! Hmmm...Never Mind!

44. So is Apocalypse Immortal or What?

45. Wait, Is That Jabba the Hutt?

46. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader Team-Up...With Anakin Skywalker?

47. When Swee’pea Grew Up

48. Black Cat’s Short Memory When It Comes to Venom and Carnage

49. So is Sabretooth Wolverine's Dad or What?

50. So is Carnage Still the Spawn of Venom or What?

51. Weren't Carnage's Legs Torn Off?

52. Is Groot Really the King of Planet X?

53. Daredevil is Matt Murdock! No, He Isn't! Wait, Yes He Is! No, Wait, No He Isn't!

54. Didn't Galactus Vow Never to Attack Earth Again?

55. So is Hawkeye a Killer or What?

56. What the Heck Happened to Blade’s Missing Hand?

57. That Time Green Lantern Had a Threesome With Two Superheroines

58. Remember When Psylocke Had Magic Ninja Powers?

59. Wait, HE Was Going to Be the Third Summers Brother?!

60. HOW Did Batman Get a Son?

61. The Great JLA Love Triangle of Green Arrow, Black Canary and...Batman?!

62. Remember When Wolverine's Healing Factor Failed and He Hallucinated All the Time?

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