Aaron Talks Wolverine: Weapon X

Wolverine is one of Marvel Comics' most popular characters, with a legion of of fans. One of those fans is Jason Aaron, who's already scripted several Wolverine stories including "Get Mystique" recently wrapped "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" miniseries, which pitted the title character against the tong gangs that controlled the underworld in San Francisco's Chinatown district. Fans of Aaron's Wolverine work will soon get a chance to enjoy it on a monthly basis in "Wolverine: Weapon X," a new ongoing series by Aaron and his "Get Mystique" collaborator, Ron Garney, that kicks off in April. CBR News spoke with Aaron about the series.

One of the reasons why Jason Aaron finds Wolverine so appealing is that the character lends himself to a variety of stories, something the writer plans to take full advantage of in "Weapon X." "I wouldn't draw the line at anything. I'm interested in seeing just where all we can take the character, exploring all manner of genres and throwing Wolvie into as many crazy situations as I can think of," Aaron told CBR News. "He's a trouble magnet. And he's been around for so long and been in the thick of battle so many times that by now he's managed to piss off a huge portion of the earth's population. He can't really go anywhere and feel safe. He's not even comfortable when he's alone. So the way he sees it, all he can do is just keep fighting. Just keep fighting and hope that somehow, eventually, he'll win himself some peace."

But not **everybody** is out to get Logan. During his long and sordid history, Wolverine **has** managed to make a few friends, like David North - a.k.a. Maverick -- who he worked with during the 1960s as part of a covert CIA group known as Team X . Since their Team X days, the two have gone on several adventures together, and Maverick will be a major supporting player in "Weapon X."

"I'm using Maverick as Logan's contact within the black ops world," Aaron explained. "Maverick likes to say he's retired from his old life since losing his powers, but he still goes around in body armor, loaded for bear with weapons, so it seems like he's maybe not really 100% retried."

Another key supporting cast member in "Weapon X" is a new character, a woman named Melita Garner. "She's a reporter in San Francisco who meets Logan in a chance encounter and begins digging into his past," Aaron said. "She of course finds the proverbial 'more than she bargained for.' She'll be a recurring character in the series, and who knows, maybe even a possible love interest for Logan. Though wait until she finds out what's happened to most all of Logan's previous love interests."

While Melita's encounter with Wolverine leads her to delve into his past, Jason Aaron won't spend much time examining his protagonist's history in "Weapon X." "The legacy of Weapon X does play a big role in the opening arc, but going forward, this series won't be looking to Logan's past. 'Wolverine: Origins' really has that aspect of Wolverine nailed down, so to distinguish this series and to make it new-reader friendly from the get-go, I'll be looking to craft stories that are very much continuity-lite," Aaron said. "We'll be less focused on Logan's past and more focused on taking him into the future. You won't need to have been reading Logan's adventures for the last few years to pick this series up and dive right into it."

Weapon X comes into play when Wolverine runs afoul of an attempt to revive the program. "But instead of the government running things, it's a private military contractor calling the shots," Aaron revealed. "Companies like that have been in the news quite a lot the last few years, so it's easy to see where I took my inspiration. As you might expect, Logan doesn't much like the idea of anybody trying to rekindle the ideas of Weapon X, but how will he fair when he's facing an entire squad of super killers just like himself, complete with claws and healing factors and unbreakable bones? And unlike Logan, these guys don't care who they have to kill to complete their mission."

"These guys" are known as Strikeforce X, and Aaron says they're the toughest group of super soldiers you'd ever want to meet. "They're mirror images of Wolverine in a lot of ways, complete with an ingrained berserker mode," the writer said. "They're equal to Logan in almost every way, and they know everything about him, so they come into the situation with a clear idea of what it takes to put him down."

Wolverine's corporate sponsored wannabes in Strikeforce X aren't the only new villains that will pop up in "Weapon X." Aaron's plans for the title call for a number of new additions to Logan's Rogues' Gallery, running the gamut from physical threats who can go toe-to-toe with Wolverine to schemers looking to take him down by way of sinister machinations.

Naturally, Aaron's "Weapon X" will pick up a number of plot threads from his "Manifest Destiny" series. "That miniseries allowed me to scratch my kung fu itch in a big way, but I ain't done scratching just yet," the writer said. "Not until I've gotten to write Shang Chi and a few other folks from the martial arts corners of the Marvel U."

The biggest event in the Marvel Universe right now is of course Norman Osborn's **Dark Reign.** The ongoing saga affects Wolverine in books like "New Avengers" and the upcoming "Dark Wolverine," but with "Weapon X" though, Aaron is keeping Dark Reign off to the side. "You'll see plenty of references to the big events of the Marvel U in these pages, but at least initially, you won't see us doing any crossovers or tie-ins," Aaron confirmed. "Again, I want this to be a series that anybody can step right into and enjoy, regardless of how many Wolverine comics they've read before."

Jason Aaron is very excited to have Ron Garney bringing his "Weapon X" scripts to life. "So far his art is every bit as good as his kick-ass work on 'Get Mystique,' if not better!" the writer remarked. "Ron has been a blast to work with. It's obvious how excited he is to be working on this series, and I think it shows in every page."

Aaron's work on the "Get Mystique" was resoundingly popular with Wolverine fans, and now that he has the opportunity to chronicle the character's adventures on a monthly basis, the writer plans on making the most of it . "I see this as my chance to tell any and all Wolverine stories I've ever wanted to tell, and I'm looking to have a nice long run on this series," Aaron said.

"And did I mention that there'd be lots of stabbing? Because there will be. Lots and lots of stabbing."

"Wolverine: Weapon X" #1 goes on sale in April from Marvel Comics.

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