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Aaron Talks Existential Action in “Unworthy Thor,” Cosmic War in “Mighty Thor”

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Aaron Talks Existential Action in “Unworthy Thor,” Cosmic War in “Mighty Thor”

While all of that is going on, “War of Realms” will continue to build and escalate in “Mighty Thor.” What can you tell us about your current plans for that book?

Our current arc, “Lords of Midgard,” is very much an Earth-centric story. After doing so much bouncing around between different realms in the first arc, I wanted to come back to Earth in a big way and do a very Midgard-centric story of Thor battling a couple of newer villains; the new Silver Samurai, and the Exterminatrix, who was last seen in “Original Sin.” I liked the idea of putting Thor into combat with a couple people the Thunder God has not faced before. Plus, I wanted to do something that focused on the evil corporations that we’ve been playing with, like Roxxon.

This is part of the ongoing “War of the Realms” story, so we come back to that in a big way with issue #13, where we’ll see the return of the League of Realms who we last saw back in “Thor: God of Thunder.” Those characters will return, along with the introduction of some new ones, which means it’s a brand new version of the League.

They’re like the Avengers of the Ten Realms. They’re made up of characters from the various races you find there. Its members include a dwarf, a giant, a Light Elf and some other characters.

They come back in a big way in issue #13, but before we get to that, issue #12 is a special issue, and we’ve got some strange stuff that happens at the end of the “Lords of Midgard” arc. If you look at the cover for issue #11, it shows Thor and Jane Foster fighting side by side. That leads us into issue #12, which is a special “origin of the hammer” issue. It’s the origin of Mjolnir in a way that we’ve never quite seen it before. There have been a couple of different versions of how the hammer came to be and why Odin forged it. We’re looking at the nature of the hammer and its enchantment.

Clearly, things have changed over the years. Most recently we saw that even Odin himself wasn’t able to lift the hammer, and Jane Foster’s relationship with the hammer and the power of the hammer has been a little bit different than what we’ve seen before. There’s been a lot of questions about the hammer, and issue #12 is where we get some big answers.

In “Mighty Thor” #9, you gave us a scene with Loki talking to his comatose mother, Freyja, that showed how you kept the moral evolution of the character, but cast him in a role where he has to play his old villainous self for the good of Asgard.

Yeah, I wanted more of a bad guy Loki without throwing away all the great character work that Al Ewing and Kieron Gillen had done over the years. I wanted a sympathetic Loki who still can’t help but be a bad guy.

You can kind of figure out for yourself what you believe and don’t believe when he talks about what his motivations were in terms of what he did to his mother. The arc that he’s on will continue to be a big part of the book. He’s a little busy in “Vote Loki” right now where he’s running for President, but we certainly haven’t seen the last of him in the pages of Thor.

I like the undercover crime/spy story feel to Loki’s arc. It’s very much got a vibe of, “Be careful what you pretend to be, because you might become it.”

Right, and he told Freyja before he stabbed her in the back, “You never should have sent me to him.” She sent him undercover to infiltrate Malekith’s cabal, and that didn’t exactly go the way she planned. Of course, there’s also the fact that Loki’s biological father, Laufey, is back among the living for the first time ever in Marvel Comics’ history. He’s a character that Loki has a complicated relationship with, but there’s still some sort of draw there.

When we last saw Loki, he was in Jotunheim, hanging out with his dad. Where that leads, and what his plans are there, we’ll have to wait and see.

Come November, the scope of “War of Realms” will escalate and become an intergalactic affair — the “Asgard-Shi’ar War.”

Yeah, that’s our next big arc. I’ve had this circled for quite a while. I wanted to do a big fantasy versus sci-fi story, so this will be me throwing all those toys into the mix. We’ll have all the cool cosmic stuff surrounding the Shi’ar, from Gladiator and the Imperial Guard, to the Starjammers, along with all the cool toys from Asgard. I’m starting with the image of Asgardian dragon ships sailing through space while fighting against Shi’ar space ships, and we go from there.

This is all part of the “War of Realms” story. Malekith has been the clear villain of my run ever since he first showed up. Even when he doesn’t seem to be the one at center stage, you can bet he’s behind the scenes pulling strings. The “War of the Realms” has begun, and it’s continuing to spread to different fronts.

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