Aaron Sorkin Returning To Television ... For <i>30 Rock</i>!

The Social Network Oscar nominee Aaron Sorkin may be best loved -- for now -- for his work on the hit TV series West Wing. He fled the idiot box for bigger screens after Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip failed to catch on, going on to write the script that earned him an Academy Award nomination. Now it looks like he'll be returning to the small screen in a much different matter before getting to work on his upcoming HBO drama series, More As The Story Develops.

Sorkin is set to appear as himself on the hit NBC sitcom 30 Rock, Entertainment Weekly reports. The episode will run sometime in March or April, though no one on the inside is sharing details on the nature of his appearance. Maybe he'll get into a scrap with frequent 30 Rock guest Brian Williams? Or maybe he'll just say something sharp and pointed to Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, then leave. Whatever happens, you can bet that the show's pop culture-minded writing will in some way reference or comment on Sorkin's previous work. Maybe the entire episode will unfold as a single, continuous shot through the hallways of NBC Studios? That would sure be neat. There's not much to go on here folks, so share your theories in the comments below!

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