Aaron, Ribic Debut Marvel NOW!'s "Thor: God of Thunder" in November

Last week, Marvel released teasers announcing the creative teams on a number of its titles slated to be relaunched in November, giving readers hints at what's to come for Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Deadpool, the Fantastic Four/FF, Captain America and a possible X-Men title involving the word "Legacy."

Yesterday, Marvel confirmed Kieron Gillen and Greg Land's "Iron Man," with Gillen discussing his plans for the armored Avenger's new series. Today, Newsarama has first word on Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's "Thor: God of Thunder." In addition to spelling out what has influenced his take on Thor, the writer promises to delve into the Norse deity in a rather unique way, "splitting" the character into three distinct versions, each of which will get his own time in the spotlight.

"I do flash back and show a young Thor in action, but he's actually just one of three Thors that I want to focus on, "Arron tells Newsarama. "This first story is an epic tale that plays out over the course of thousands of years. So we spend time with young Thor in the Viking age - the young, hotheaded god of the Vikings, who loves to come down to Midgard and get into trouble. In the present, we see Thor the Avenger on a journey that takes him to the far corners of space, interacting with all sorts of new space gods and wondrous new locations.

"And then we also see old King Thor, who's the last king of Asgard, thousands of years in the future, where something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

"Linking all these eras and Thors together is one villain, an all-new character [Gorr, the God Butcher], who is basically, at least initially, a serial killer of gods. He's a guy with a serious axe to grind against all immortal beings in the cosmos, and he's going around doing his best to kill them all off, one at a time, as brutally as possible. That villain's story unfolds over the course of all these different eras. He starts as a serial killer of gods, but by the end, he has become something even more frightening."

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