Aaron Renier, Trubble Club take 'Infinite Corpse' to the people

Inspired by R. Sikoryak and Art Spiegleman's Narrative Corpse, The Unsinkable Walker Bean creator Aaron Renier started The Infinite Corpse, a "chain" webcomic in which various creators tell the story of a skeleton's crazy adventures by building off the three panels of the cartoonist who preceded them. The chains aren't exactly linear, with the final website being more of a "choose your own adventure" story with branches going off in different directions.

"Each additional artist became a branch off of the original group ... until it just became a fog of story lines a gigantic 205 artists were included when the website went live," Renier explained on his blog. "And now, only a few months later we have over a hundred new artists sending in art. It's open to submissions, just like the dry erase comic. It's open to everyone who wants to do it. And open to all of those who already have gone before."

Participating artists so far include Jay Stephens, Peter Kuper, Brandon Graham, Jim Rugg, John Porcellino, Renee French and members of the Chicago-based cartoonist collective Trubble Club, which counts Renier, Nate Beaty, Jeffrey Brown, Lucy Knisley and Craig Thompson, among others, as part of their club.

This weekend, the Infinite Corpse comes to life. On Saturday, the Trubble Club will be at the Museum of Contemporary Art for Saturday Strip: Comic Day MCA. They'll compose a large-scale chalk drawing on the front plaza over the course of the day and run a day-long comic jam workshop.

And on Sunday, the Trubble Club will perform a live interpretation of the Infinite Corpse at Brain Frame, with the audience choosing which path everyman skeleton Corpsey should take next.

If you're in Chicago, check out the events, and if not, you can still enjoy The Infinite Corpse online.

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