Aaron Promises "Original Sin" Will Have a Different Tie-In Approach, Multiple Deaths

Jason Aaron revealed a few more "Original Sin" details during a Marvel.com live chat with fans Wednesday, including further insight on the tie-ins planned, which the writer says will take a different approach than past major Marvel events.

"This will be a different sort of mix between main story and tie-ins than Marvel has done in the past," Aaron said. "The main 'Original Sin' series tells the story of the murder and the investigation. The tie-ins will deal with the fall-out of that murder and the secrets that come out because of it. So they're two different sets of stories, basically."

Though there will be tie-ins, Aaron made it clear that "Original Sin" looks to achieve a goal frequently sought with company-wide events -- standing on its own while having an impact on the larger shared universe.

"If the consequences are big enough, they'll always affect the Marvel U as a whole," Aaron advised. "And the consequences in this one are pretty big, especially for certain characters. But 'Original Sin' is also a story with a very definite beginning, middle and end."

Jason Aaron Puts Marvel's Secrets Up for Grabs in "Original Sin"

Speaking more of the characters involved, Aaron reiterated than along with the obligatory major Marvel names -- "Thor has some big scenes later in the series" -- "Original Sin" will also have less expected players and combinations, divulging that Gamora, Moon Knight and the Winter Soldier will travel to space together, and that he's enjoying writing scenes between Punisher & Doctor Strange (who will be traveling to other dimensions), plus Emma Frost & Ant-Man (Scott Lang, as confirmed during the chat).

"There are different investigations. We'll see a lot of those characters I mentioned breaking into smaller groups and going out to different corners of the Marvel U," Aaron said. "All of the characters were all chosen for this story for very specific reasons."

Declining again to name any specific villains showing up in the series, Aaron commented, "I'll just say that there are villains involved, right out of the gate. As for who they are, I'm quite certain no one's going to guess... It's an interesting little group of bad guys."

Aaron also confirmed that while the story starts with Uatu the Watcher's murder, he's not the only death planned for "Original Sin" -- when asked if the Watcher was the only casualty in the event, Aaron answered simply, "No." Also, when praising the work of series artist Mike Deodato, Aaron said, "He's doing the work of his life on this story. Drawing every Marvel character you can think of, loads of crazy action and more weird dead bodies than you can count."

The writer reminded fans that the Watcher was keeping more than the secrets, further increasing the stakes for Marvel's heroes: "There are items of power missing from the Watcher's base, as well as all those secrets. Remember the Ultimate Nullifier? You'd hate to see that fall into the wrong hands, right?"

CBR News was able to sneak a question into the live chat, asking if any Watchers other than Uatu play a part in "Original Sin." "Can't say," Aaron replied. "If those guys know what's good for them though, they might wanna keep their distance until this thing blows over."

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