Aaron Paul Rumored For Role in 'Star Wars' Spinoff

Could Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul being heading to a galaxy far, far away?

Citing a source that has provided accurate details about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Making Star Wars reports the first spinoff to go into production will focus on Han Solo. In addition, Emmy winner Paul is "looking to be attached to the first Star Wars spinoff film in some fashion."

The site's informant did not directly imply that Paul is getting fitted for black vest, but these rumors do make you wonder what the ex-Jesse Pinkman's Han Solo would be like.

The first Star Wars spinoff will be directed by Godzilla's Gareth Edwards. The rumored subjects for these films were initially Yoda, Boba Fett and young Han Solo. Contradicting this rumor is a more recent rumbling that the first spinoff would focus on a team of bounty hunters. Perhaps Paul will play a less-bandaged version of Dengar?


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