Aaron Lopresti returns to Wonder Woman with variant cover

Official Press Release

Artist Aaron Lopresti returns to WONDER WOMAN with November's issue #26, the start of the "Rise of the Olympian storyline, written by Gail Simone. To mark the start of this monumental story, Lopresti has created a variant cover for the issue.

Retailers may order one copy of the WONDER WOMAN #26 Variant Edition (AUG088198) for every ten copies of WONDER WOMAN #26 (SEP080164) ordered.

Following months of speculation over a new, male Wonder Woman and his fellow Manazons, WONDER WOMAN #26 puts the rumors to rest. In this issue, learn what horrific new threat Special Agent Diana Prince is unknowingly leading her team of agents against. And, at long last, the fate of the Amazons is revealed.

WONDER WOMAN #26 is solicited in the September Previews and is scheduled to arrive in stores on November 26.

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