Aaron, Guera Plan on Going to Hell with "The Goddamned" at Image Expo

At Image Expo 2015, Jason Aaron and "Scalped" collaborator R. M. Guera announced "The Goddamned," a new ongoing series which takes place in the world before the Biblical flood that the famed Noah escaped.

According to the official description, "Before the great flood, the world is filled with violence and wickedness. In just a couple thousand years, humanity has gone from paradise to depravity and ruin. God is beginning to seriously regret having ever created man in the first place."

Aaron described the project as "the guys who did 'Scalped' doing the Bible." Explaining that the series would take place in the pre-flood, he called the book "a very stark and brutal series." However, it won't be without a little bit of fun, as he plans to make sure it has cavemen fighting dinosaurs: "It's part caveman adventure story, part stark and brutal western. And did I mention there are dinosaurs? This is my way of saying, 'Fuck you, science.'"

"Imagine if Quentin Tarantino was hired to direct the movie version of the book of Genesis. That's pretty much what we're aiming for," Aaron said. "If there is a Hell, this is definitely the book that will make sure I go there."

He also announced that a new deluxe edition of "The Other Side," his series with Cameron Stewart, will arrive at retailers as well.

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