Aaron Eckhart Is The Expatriate

Jason Bourne is taking a seat on the bench and even as James Bond gets back into the game, there's still a need for new spy thriller heroes -- and, let's face it, there's always room for a butt-kicking role if Aaron Eckhart wants it.

The former Harvey Dent and future Battle: Los Angeles star is set to headline The Expatriate for director Philipp Stolzl, reports Deadline. Eckhart stars as a former CIA agent looking to start fresh with his estranged 15-year-old daughter. The two move to Belgium and the ex-spy takes a job with a security firm, but he arrives one day and finds that his co-workers are gone, the corporation does not exist and his assistant is secretly a trained killer out to execute him and his daughter. The two are forced on the run, further straining their relationship as they fight for their lives.


The Expatriate, based on a screenplay by A.E. Amel, is expected to enter production early next year in Montreal and Belgium.

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