Aaron and Dillon preparing for the Punisher?

Are writer Jason Aaron and artist Steve Dillon on their way to The Punisher?

Colorist Matt Hollingsworth updated the Current Comics Work page on his website, and one of the projects he lists is The Punisher, starting with issue #75, "with Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon, Sebastian Girner and Axel Alonso."

Although Marvel responded with a "no comment" when asked about it, it wouldn't be the first time either creator worked on the character. Dillon worked with Garth Ennis on the character for about two years, and also drew a Punisher/Bullseye mini-series. And Aaron wrote last year's Punisher MAX X-Mas Special. Based on his work on Scalped and Wolverine, Aaron seems like a natural choice for the title.

Thanks to Robot 6 reader "TC" for the tip.

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