Aardworlf to Publish Bill Messner-Loebs Benefit Book

Official Press Release

February 16, 2005 -- Aardwolf Publishing and SilverBulletComicBooks.com are coordinating efforts to aid comics writer/artist William Messner-Loebs. Messner-Loebs' current residence, a hotel room provided by the Salvation Army, is insufficient due to his wife Nadine's chronic Asthma. Following an article in The Detroit News describing Messner-Loebs' dire financial situation, a petition was initiated by his fans urging publishers to give him work.

Aardwolf Publishing has responded by purchasing Messner-Loebs's first novel and also scheduling the publication of The Three Tenors: Off Key, a 100+ page illustrated collection of offbeat tales from Messner-Loebs with Dave "X-Men" Cockrum and Clifford Meth.

"I was shocked to learn that Messner-Loebs was actually available," said Jim Reeber, Aardwolf's publisher. "Here's one of comics' best writers looking for work? That's a no-brainer."

"Bill Messner-Loebs is my oldest friend in comics," says Meth, the sometimes controversial columnist for SilverBulletComicBooks and author of the recent TPB god's 15 minutes. "We did a goofy strip together called `The Streets' for a fanzine 30 years ago and we've wanted to work together for a long time. So I called him up and said, `Let's do something fun.' And he said sure, but what can we do? `Well,' I said, `Can you sing?' `A little,' he said, `but it's off key.' So that was it. We had it. We just needed a third tenor, so I called Cockrum. We've known each other a long time, too, and I can absolutely guarantee that he can't sing either."

The Three Tenors: Off Key will feature an introduction by Dave Sims (Cerebus) and an Afterword by noted comics journalist Tom Spurgeon. "There will be nine stories in all: three from each creator," said Reeber. "I can't give away any plots, but it's all weird science, weird heroes, and stuff to make your head spin." The trade paperback will be available through the April issue of Diamond Previews but Aardwolf is opening the curtain with a signed/numbered Limited Edition of just 400 copies available only from its website. "Loebs will receive the lion's share of profits from the book," said Reeber.

SilverBulletComicBooks.com is doing its part with free advertising and promotion for the project. A number of SBC columnists have also stepped up with coverage of the event, and Meth's column there, "Past Masters," will update readers regularly regarding Messner-Loebs situation.

For more information or to order the book, visit www.aardwolfpublishing.com

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