Aardman Takes on Superheroes (and Joker) in DC Nation Short

Anyone who's watched Creature Comforts, Chicken Run or Wallace & Gromit had an inkling of what to expect from Aardman Animations' contributions to DC Nation, the upcoming programming block on Cartoon Network. But the studio's award-winning -- heck, Academy Award-winning -- may not have prepared you for the fun that results when clay animation and irreverent humor combine to tackle such fixtures of DC Comics as Superman, Batman and Robin, Catwoman and, yes, even The Joker.

Behold the least-threatening, and most adorable, Clown Prince of Crime you're ever likely to see in this short, in which Aardman returns to the approach that served the studio so well in 1989's Creature Comforts: It uses seemingly random children on the street to voice the characters, who end up talking about jumping, running, hopping and ... doo-doo. Watch for yourself below.

DC Nation premieres sometime this year on Cartoon Network.

(via Twitch)

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