AAM/Markosia, publishers of the hit series Kong: King of Skull Island, Starship Troopers and the critically acclaimed The Boy Who Made Silence, announce the launch of its newest series this coming December.

RITUAL is penned by acclaimed author and screenwriter Andy Briggs (Kong: King of Skull Island, The Templar Chronicles: Heretic, Hero.com, Villain.net) with atmospheric art from newcomer Shawn McCauley.

When the sleepy Pennsylvanian town of Black Root is hit by a spate of bizarre ritualistic slayings, reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trails. The FBI is drafted in, but they have no idea that the supernatural killer is a long-dead witch hunter with a perverse desire for revenge.

Publisher Harry Markos explains, ‘We've been working with Andy Briggs for a while now so when he approached me about the possibility of developing some new properties I jumped at the chance! Andy is incredibly talented and prolific with many ongoing projects at the moment, including movies, TV and as a published author of several books. I figured that he's worth getting involved with now rather than wait until he has the sort of success that I firmly believe will come very quickly. We managed to secure the services of upcoming artist Shawn McCauley who has captured the mood perfectly with his distinctive style. This is one property which I believe will take us another step closer to achieving our aims as a publisher.’

Launched in 2005 AAM/Markosia has been a leader in the independent publishing field. 2008 marked their most ambitious campaign to date as the company debuted a range of new titles, with many more to follow in 2009. In addition, AAM/Markosia will be exhibiting at many conventions around the globe, including New York Comic Con, San Diego Comicon, Angouleme, The Birmingham International Comics Show and the Bristol Comic Expo.

Visit the AAM/Markosia website at www.markosia.com

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