A Zine of Ice and Fire: Blood Magic pays artistic tribute to Game of Thrones

Have you spent the past week plowing through all 959 pages (plus appendices!) of George R.R. Martin's long-awaited A Dance with Dragons, volume five in epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire? Are you counting the days and following the casting announcements until HBO's Game of Thrones, the show based on the series, returns next spring? Did you feast on the Gregor Clegane-sized gallery of GoT/ASoIaF fanart Robot 6 put together last week but find yourself hungry for more? Then do yourself a favor and order Blood Magic, the new zine edited by Kris Mukai, Maritsa Patrinos, and Hunter Heckroth. It features Ice and Fire-inspired art from over two dozen illustrators, including Sam Bosma, Kali Ciesemier, L. Nichols, Evan Dahm, Rory Phillips, and Jen Wang. Even George R.R. Martin himself appears to have enjoyed it, so consider it blessed in the sight of gods and men. The zine costs $7 -- order it here.

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