A Year of Twenty-Four Months!

So...after a Year of Cool Comic Moments and a Year of Cool Comics, what next?

I considered another Year of Cool Comic Moments, but you know what, looking back at that, I think I spoiled too many comics with that series. I do like the idea of doing more cool comic moments, but just not stuff that spoils the main plot of the book. I will revisit that concept definitely.

So if not a Year of Cool Comic Moments, what next? Why, go bigger, of course!

Instead of ONE daily feature this year, I'm going to do TWO daily features every month, for a total of 24 "Month of..." bits!

Eventually you'll see the return of Top Five Month and almost certainly A Month of Cool Comic Moments (if you have suggestions for cool moments that don't spoil the main plot of the book in question, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com with your ideas), but for the month of January I will be doing...

A Month of "I Saw It Advertised One Day"


A Month of "Cover Theme Game"!

Feel free to make suggestions of other old features you'd like to see featured for a month (or new ones! Someone suggested "Brilliant...but Canceled," I suppose I could wring a month out of that!).

Happy 2011!

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