A Year of Cool Comics - Day 11

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at Paul Pope's Batman Year 100


In 2006, Paul Pope gave the world a Batman mini-series called Batman: Year 100.

It being a Paul Pope-drawn book, it looked amazing.

Check out the opening sequence to the series, it gives you a perfect example of the absolutely brilliant dynamism that is Paul Pope...

The concept of the story is that it takes place in 2039, 100 years after Batman first debuted, in a world where the government has eyes on everyone - between their cameras and some telepaths on the payroll, everyone is on the grid.

Until a man shows up out of nowhere dressed like a bat.

Thus follows an elaborate tale of a corrupt government trying to take Batman down while also trying to discover his secret identity. Meanwhile, the grandson of Commissioner James Gordon, now a Captain in the Gotham Police Department, finds himself controlled by the government due to some skeletons in his closet, but he can't help but investigate the government's case against Batman (he is accused of murder). We also discover Batman's ragtag team of assistants - a young man named Robin and a single mother and her daughter who serve as Batman's medic and computer expert.

There's a good bit where Batman uses ceramic teeth to convince people he's a monster...

Pope's artwork is simply stunning, and that's the draw of the book - he's such an engaging storyteller while also being extremely quirky in his designs and his character work.

Seek this book out - it's a worthy companion to Batman Year One.

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