A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments - Day 94

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!

I wouldn't normally do this, as I featured a Fantastic Four moment yesterday, but then I noticed that today's date was 4/4, and come on, how could I pass that up?!?! So today we look at a neat moment from Walt Simonson's Fantastic Four run.


The issue at question here is the classic Fantastic Four #352, which if I'm not mistaken, has yet to be reprinted, which is annoying. Come on, Marvel, we need a third volume of Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walt Simonson!

Anyhow, at the end of Fantastic Four #350 (there was a fill-in issue between #350 and #352, which is annoying, but since FF #350 was extra-sized and FF #352 is insanely complicated, I guess it's fair enough), Doctor Doom challenges Mister Fantastic to a duel to the death - THROUGH TIME!

Reed takes him up on the challenge, and for the rest of the issue, you have two timelines. On the left hand of the page (in color) you have the Fantastic Four, progressing in real time. On the right hand of the page you have Reed and Doom, battling through a different chronology than "real time." When they are in time, they are black and white and when their battle gets them in sync with the "real" timeline, then they are in color. The battle is time-stamped so you can follow Reed and Doom's fight by following the time stamp. Page 1 may be 1:06 while Page 2 would be 1:22 and then Page 3 would be 1:14. You would have to flip back and forth to keep track of the fight.

Here's two sample pages (click to enlarge)...

Get the (awesome) drift?

Well, while really the whole issue is amazing and it is difficult to pick just one "moment," I guess if I had to, I'd go with the finale of the fight (also click to enlarge)...

What an amazing issue by Simonson (and sadly, one of his last few issues on the title).

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