A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments - Day 262

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we meet Ginger Brown, who is meeting her new partner, Bigfoot, in Proof #1...

Proof is about an organization designed for investigating and, if need be, either taking in (for their protection) or taking out (for our protection) various monsters and other seemingly mythical creatures.

Proof stars John Prufrock, who is, well, Bigfoot in the flesh. In Proof #1, by writer Alexander Grecian and artist Riley Rossmo, we see Prufrock meet his new partner...

Then, we see how she GOT into this situation...

"The" moment for me is the setup for the gun bit back on page 10. Classic. But really, all of the Ginger stuff is dead on.

I shared a few more pages than normal this time around because Proof #1 is actually available to read for free on Image's website (check it out here), so I figure a couple of extra pages here isn't a major problem in this instance.

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