A whole world of awesomely geeky comic book crocheted merch

The wonderful world of Etsy offers a ton of awesome items from hard-working people looking to share their crafts with the world -- including a lot of nerdy fans combining their love of crafts with their love of pop culture. From "Game of Thrones" House medallions and Doctor Who fan art to Lord of the Rings replica weapons to FFVII's buster sword, there's practically no limit to what you might find when you venture down the Etsy hole. However, one of the coolest and most fun things out there -- and a craft on the mega-rise -- are crocheted and knitted items.

Probably gaining the most recognition after the Jayne's hat incident -- in which Fox basically stood as the poster child of why we can't have nice things -- knitted and crocheted hats based off popular fandoms have had a meteoric rise and there are some dang good and awesomely fun items out there, especially from the realm of comic books.

Check out some of the cool comic book crocheted and knitted items we found after the jump.

We mentioned the popularity of hats, and this Harley Quinn beanie stands as a shining example of an incredibly well-done one.

Of course, for those that live in a much colder climate, maybe you need more protection from the cold -- or maybe you're on the hunt to break the Bat -- either way, this awesome full-faced Bane mask has literally got you covered.

Then again, maybe you were born in the yarn and did not merely adopt it. In which case, you can crochet your own Bane mask with Etsy user StitchFinderGeneral's Bane mask pattern.

However, maybe you've got your head already taken care of. Maybe it's those pesky hands of yours that need protection and swag. Depending on your needed level of warmth, you can either slip on these Iron Man Flip Mittens:

Or these fingerless Iron Man repulsor gloves:

But maybe you need some full body coverage. And you're also a baby. With claws and an affinity for the word bub. Well guess what? Etsy user DustysCrochetProps has just what you need with this crocheted Wolverine baby set!

Again, these are just some of the totally rad items available on Etsy. We definitely encourage further exploration.

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