A Webcomic Crossover From Silent Devil!

Official Press Release

San Diego: Silent Devil, in conjunction with some of webcomics' top talent, is participating in the Supercollider: A Webcomic Mash-Up. The 24-page B&W comic book will feature exclusive strips from Silent Devil's Super Frat, The Devil's Panties and a color cover by Chris Moreno. It also features strips from webcomic fan favorites Sluggy Freelance, Partially Clips, Fragile Gravity and The Order of the Stick.

"The webcomic guys, especially Sluggy's Pete Abrams, have really been an inspiration to me," says Super Frat biographer Tony DiGerolamo. "It's really an honor to be part of this."

The one-time printing of Supercollider by the creators will commemorate the gathering of these creators at their shared booth #1317 at the San Diego Comicon. The comic book is available for pre-order now at http://www.unseenllc.com/supercollider/ and at the convention.

"After that, it's gone," says DiGerolamo. "I think we're only printing 1000 of them. Most of the proceeds are going to pay for the booth. I think an event like this really shows you how webcomics have come into their own."

*Please note that this comic book is not being published through Silent Devil but by the webcomic creators themselves.

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