A Web-Slinging Christmas!

We've been doing an Advent Calendar filled with Spider-Man Christmas stories all month-long, but for Christmas Day, I thought it would be nice to list all of the Spider-Man Christmas stories in one place, for easy access.

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!

1. “You Never Make a Sound” Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #112

2. “Down and Out in Forest Hills” Amazing Spider-Man #314

3. “Betrayed!” Amazing Spider-Man #130

4. “Sword of the She-Devil” Marvel Team-Up #79

5. “T’was the Fight Before Xmas” Spider-Man's Tangled Web #21

7. "A Matter of Faith" Spider-Man Holiday Special #1

8. "A Spider-Man Carol" Marvel Holiday Special #1

9. "The Big X-Mas Blackout" Marvel 1992 Holiday Special #1

10. "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" Amazing Spider-Man #420

11. "Star of the Show" 1994 Marvel Holiday Special

12. "A Cold Hearted Christmas" 2011 Marvel Holiday Special

13. "Piece of Cake" 2007 Marvel Holiday Special

14. "Hopes and Fears" 1993 Marvel Holiday Special

15. "Christmas in Dallas" Dallas Times Herald Marvel Comics supplement

16. "Silent Nights" Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #46

18. "Jonah's Holiday Carol" Marvel's 2004 Holiday Special

19. "Spider-Man Goes Shopping" 1977 Spider-Man Newspaper Strip

20. "Small Miracles" Marvel Team-Up #127

21. "Creatures Stirring" from Spectacular Spider-Man #173

22. "Not a Creature Was Stirring" Marvel's 1996 Holiday Special

23. "War of the Reptile Men" from Amazing Spider-Man #166

24. "Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!" Marvel Team-Up #1

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