A Web-Slinging Christmas: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

We continue our Spider-Man Christmas with 1996's "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" from Amazing Spider-Man #420 by Tom DeFalco, Steve Skroce and Bud La Rosa...

In 1995, Marvel made a bit of a splash by nabbing star artist Steve Skroce as the regular artist on Amazing Spider-Man. It did not last a long time, but while he was on the book, it was definitely unlike pretty much any previous Spider-Man artist up until that point. Perhaps (likely?) with Skroce in mind, Tom DeFalco added Nate Grey (X-Man) to the supporting cast of the book. Skroce had co-created X-Man with Jeph Loeb during Age of Apocalypse.

So in this issue, Peter Parker is assigned to do a photo essay on Nate, who at this point in time was doing a sort of "mystic in Central Park" routine, where people would come to him for help. He and Peter become friends (although it is awkward after Nate tears of Peter's clothes to show that he is Spider-Man) as they bond over their respective rough upbringings.

Meanwhile, in a plot about the Rose tangling with Black Tarantula, two of their underlings have a big fight (Skroce is always awesome at big fights) while Peter and Nate enjoy the holidays...

Interesting story from an interesting time in the Spider-books.

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