A Web-Slinging Christmas: "Christmas in Dallas"

We continue our Spider-Man Christmas with 1983's "Christmas in Dallas" from the the supplement Marvel did for the Dallas Times Herald by Jim Salicrup, Alan Kupperberg and Mike Esposito...

The comic sees Peter Parker go to Dallas for a special Christmas party with J. Jonah Jameson. Peter is sad not to be spending Christmas with Aunt May (while he packs, Salicrup nicely recaps Spider-Man's origin).

Once there, though, the Kingpin sneaks into the party dressed as Santa Claus and all heck breaks loose!

After Spider-Man saves the day, the host of the party (who amusingly accuses Jameson of being Spidey earlier, since they always seem to end up in the same place) gives Peter a happy ending to his story...

Cute story.

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