A Web-Slinging Christmas: "A Spider-Man Carol"

We continue our Spider-Man Christmas with 1991's "A Spider-Man Carol" from Marvel Holiday Special #1 by Danny Fingeroth, Ron Garney and Mike DeCarlo...

The set-up for this one is simple enough. J. Jonah Jameson is at the children's ward of the hospital for a holiday party where he's donating a million dollars to the hospital. Meanwhile, a bunch of crooks are breaking into the hospital to break into the hospital's safes where they keep all of the patients' jewelry and cash (that really doesn't seem like it would be a lot of stuff, but maybe I'm mistaken). At the party, Spider-Man shows up and Jameson wants him nowhere near the party, but the kids stand up for Spidey in what I guess is supposed to be like the ghosts from A Christmas Carol (the analogy is pretty strained, honestly)....

Then the bad guys show up and all heck breaks loose!

It's a cute story with fine early Ron Garney artwork. I like the ending, where Jonah comes around a bit on Spidey...or does he?

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