A "Walking Dead" Character Starts to Look More Like He Does In the Comics

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from "Twice As Far," tonight's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead," follow. At publication, the episode has yet to air on the west coast. This article also includes spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the comics.

When Daryl of AMC's "The Walking Dead" encountered a scruffy, spindly stranger played by Austin Amelio back in "Always Accountable," we all knew it was Dwight, even though the show didn't come out and say it. But the clues were all there: his conflicted relationship with The Saviors, his obtaining of a crossbow, his two female companions that looked an awful lot like Honey and Tina. In fact, the only thing missing was his half-burned face.

Well, that changed on tonight's episode, "Twice As Far." When Daryl, Rosita, and Denise are returning from a scavenger mission to find some meds, Dwight reappears, apparently having rejoined The Saviors. It also seems that Negan has punished him for going off the reservation, as his mug is streaked with choppy burn-scars. Whether Negan ironed his face as he did in the comics or subjected him to some other form of heat-related torture remains to be seen.

Either way, Dwight is much more dangerous than we first saw him. Last time around, he confessed to never having killed a human being. Tonight, however, he takes aim at Daryl with a crossbow bolt, only to accidentally send it through the eye of Denise, ending her life. While that's a departure from her fate in the comics, we do get another iconic moment from the pages: Eugene biting Dwight's crotch. More on that in the full recap later tonight.

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