A Viking and a witch's head team up in 'Head Lopper'

Are Vikings the new zombies? In terms of sub-genre popularity not yet, but they could be. With comics like Northlanders and Helheim and the TV drama Vikings, tales of wild-eyed Northern men with beards, swords, axes and more beards are experiencing a renaissance. But a new comic called Head Lopper is taking it all in with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Created by Andrew MacClean, Head Lopper follows a broad-shouldered Viking named Norgal and a decapitated head belonging to Agatha the Blue Witch as they arrive on the Scottish island of Barra. Their goal? To slay a feared sea serpent. However, they become entangled early on by some creepy priests and their dominion over the small scrap of land.

Head Lopper #1 is available for order online, or if you can buy a copy from MacLean at a convention like this weekend's HeroesCon, where he'll be at table AA1121. Here's a preview of what you can expect:

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