A Very Merry X-Mas! - 'Piece of Cake'

Welcome to the seventh installment of A Very Merry X-Mas, where I count down my 24 favorite X-Men (or X-Men related) Christmas stories!

Today, we look at #18 in the countdown, "Piece of Cake" by Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, Lou Kang and Craig Yeung from 2007's Marvel Holiday Special.

The only reason that this one isn't even higher on the list is because it is just as much of a Spider-Man story as it a Wolverine story, ya know? It's really good, though.

The story opens with Wolverine being his normal sulky self about Christmas, choosing to avoid the party at the X-Mansion for Christmas Eve to instead investigate a lead about some nefarious stuff going on. While in the sewers of New York City, he discovers an old Sentinel, which is now being operated by a fired department store Santa Claus who has now gone insane and plans to use the Sentinel for revenge on New York...

We cut to Peter Parker stopping by the Daily Bugle, hoping to maybe get a Christmas bonus from J. Jonah Jameson before heading to Aunt May's for May's Christmas Eve celebration. Jameson says nope. He would only give him extra money if he got him something really juicy, photo-wise, for the cover of the Christmas Day edition of the Daily Bugle.

Peter is carrying a cake for the party. Sadly, Peter constantly screws up his delivery of the cake...

This year, he decides to say "Forget it" and actually use his Spider-Man powers and costume and web-sling the cake to Aunt May's (which, I guess for the sake of this story, is in Manhattan?). However, he comes across Wolverine fighting Santa and the Santa-nel and has to put the cake down to save Wolverine...

Throughout the fight, Spider-Man keeps JUST keeping the cake from being smashed, but finally, an enraged Wolverine is in berserker mode and is about to slice and dice the crazed Santa and all Spider-Man can think to do to stop him is throw the cake in between them...

Wolverine is grateful for Spider-Man's help in breaking him out of his berserker mode, so he agrees to do Spider-Man a secret favor.

We cut to the party, where a wonderful cake is being devoured by everyone and Peter finally came through for his Aunt. He wishes his absent friend a merry Christmas....

The next day, though, things aren't quite so merry as it turns out that Peter ended up getting his bonus by selling out Wolverine's secret and revealing that one of the things that Wolverine is "the best there is at what I do" is baking fluffy cakes!!

Adorable stuff.

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