A Very Merry X-Mas! - 'Christmas Fear'

Welcome to the fifth installment of A Very Merry X-Mas, where I count down my 24 favorite X-Men (or X-Men related) Christmas stories!

Today, we look at the #20 story on the countdown, "Christmas Fear" from Generation #60-61 by Jay Faerber and Terry and Rachel Dodson on the first issue and Kevin Sharpe on the second issue.

This is a fascinating story because the second part, which is the part of the story that really amps up the overall awesomeness of the story, really doesn't have anything to do with Christmas. I have to give Faerber a ton of credit for how he had a Christmas story continue into January and actually WORK, because the second half drops all of the Christmas elements of the story, so it doesn't stand out in a weird way like most stories do that are set at Christmas but are released in January.

Anyhow, the issue opens with Banshee dealing with some problems due to the fact that his daughter, Siryn, recently got her throat slashed open by a feral Feral (former member of X-Force) and she was having a hard time with the emotional and physical trauma of that. Christmas is a different holiday for Sean since he learned that he had a daughter. He spent so many years of his life disconnected from having any family, it is tough to suddenly have a daughter and then not be able to spend the holiday with her AND know that she's dealing with some messed up stuff that you can't help her with.

We see him boxing with Tom Corsi, one of the weirdest X-Men supporting characters ever (a white cop who was transformed into a super-strong Native American through magic), before Tom mentions going off to celebrate Christmas with his family. I wonder what THAT Christmas is like.

We then check in with the kids, who are having some wintertime fun between them before they settle down for some "orphan Christmas" celebration...

Then Cordelia Frost, Emma Frost's roguish younger sister, burst through the windows and Banshee has a chance to spend the holidays with some family after all, as his evil cousin, Black Tom Cassidy, is here along with the Juggernaut!

This leads into an all-out battle between Generation X, Banshee, Emma Frost and Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut that is really well done. It just has nothing to do with Christmas at all. Still, it was a good enough battle that I'm overall ranking this story a bit higher than others, despite it not having THAT much in the way of Christmas-y stuff.

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