A Very Batman Christmas - The Loneliest Men in the World

#22 on the countdown is a charming tale from 1942's Batman #15 by Don Cameron, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and George Roussos (one of the earliest stories in the Batman ongoing series not written by Bill Finger) called "The Loneliest Men in the World."

The basic concept is that Dick Grayson wants to spread some good will around the world and Bruce Wayne agrees, but thinks that they should do so as Batman and Robin and Batman unveils some modifications that he made to their Bat-plane...

Their three choices for the "loneliest men in the world" include a famous radio personality who has no close friends, a lighthouse operator and a doorman at a fancy club. Batman and Robin try to cheer them each up and succeed, even though a mob boss keep trying to foil Batman and Robin's plans (while also killing them, of course)....

In the end, they realize that the mob boss was the REAL loneliest man in the world...

But then shouldn't they help HIM? That part always confused me.

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