A Very Batman Christmas - Good Dog

#15 on the countdown is "Good Dog" by Tom King, David Finch and Gabe Eltaeb from 2016's Batman Annual #1.

The concept of the story is short, but sweet. There is a vicious dog owned by the Joker named Ace. He appears to be completely bloodthirsty.

However, Alfred sees something in him...

He spends months training him while Batman goes about his own business...

Eventually, Batman begins to bond with the dog, as Alfred succeeds where no one thought he would...

And so on Christmas, Batman spends time with his "present," which he does not realize is, in fact, his present from Alfred.

It's an adorable story of redemption that was beautifully told by King, Finch and Eltaeb.

If it were more explicitly a Christmas story, it would be higher on the list.

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