A Very Batman Christmas - Favorite Things

#11 on the countdown is "Favorite Things" from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #79 by Mark Millar, Steve Yeowell and Dick Giordano.

The conceit for the issue is that someone has been robbing Gotham City mansions and even stately Wayne Manor was hit!

The cover of the issue is Batman on fire and the issue cleverly writes that into the story, as a gang inspired by the Joker that call themselves the Joy Boys have burned Batman in effigy.

Batman spends the next couple of days tracking down whatever lead he can as to who robbed his mansion. Meanwhile, he also saves people from the Joy Boys along the way (he'll never be too distracted to help people). He eventually discovers the criminals behind the robberies, a group calling themselves the Chessman. He almost lost them when an over-zealous publicity-seeking Gotham City police chief decided to use SWAT instead of waiting for Batman. Batman luckily beats them to the bad guys (or else the bad guys might have been killed, leaving no clues as to what happened to their stolen goods - plus, they had hostages who also would have been killed).

Batman discovers where the stolen goods were stashed, but Batman takes pity on the poor man who turned to crime to help his children eat but quickly changed his mind...

And in the end, we learn why Batman was so nuts about getting the stolen goods back - they had inadvertently stolen the last Christmas present that Batman's parents had ever given him!

Adorable ending of the story by Millar. There IS a reason he became a superstar comic book writer, ya know? He sure can come up with some clever story ideas. The artwork from Yeowell and the late, great Giordano is top notch, as well. This was a great one-off story.

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