A Very Batman Christmas - Batman's Last Christmas

#9 on the countdown is "Batman's Last Christmas" from Brave and the Bold #184 by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo.

This issue opens up with an adorable page where Batman drops off new toys at the Gotham orphanage...

However, when Batman runs into a crook dressed as Santa Claus, he discovers papers that suggest that Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas Wayne, was a crook!

By the way, note the last panel on the above page. See the green arrow on the ground next to the crook dressed as Santa? It's the panel used in the display image. That was part of a bit that Jim Aparo did for a while where he would sneak in hints towards his NEXT issue of Brave and the Bold in every issue of Brave and the Bold. So this was him showing that Green Arrow was going to be the guest-star in the next issue.

Anyhow, Huntress comes over from Earth-2 to spend Christmas with her "Uncle Bruce." Batman, though, is spiraling over the thought that his dad was crooked...

After visiting his parents' accountant, he discovers that apparently his parents WERE crooks, so he quits being Batman...

Huntress fills in for him until he remembers something that the accountant had revealed way back during Bruce's last Christmas with his family and Bruce figures out that it was the Wayne accountant who was using his clients to cover for his own illegal activities. Batman then hunts down the old man accountant and gets him to confess and so the Waynes are cleared.

Batman is back in business and he and the Huntress celebrate Christmas as Aparo includes a sweet Christmas card from all the people on staff at DC Comics in the early 1980s...

A very sweet tale and a great use of the Huntress (although it makes me wonder why she didn't spend even MORE time with her Uncle Bruce, seeing as how it would be like spending time with her dead dad any time she felt like it).

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