A Very Batman Christmas - A Christmas Peril

In #21 on the countdown, 1944's Batman #27 has a story by Don Cameron and James Robinson called "A Christmas Peril."

The issue opens with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson discovering that the price of Christmas Trees in Gotham City has skyrocketed (to a shocking SEVEN dollars!) and it is because one young orphan boy has cornered the market on Christmas Trees. However, he also seems to be intimidating rival Christmas Tree sellers. Batman and Robin go to investigate the young Scrooge, while at the same time, his uncle comes to visit him to try to get him to change his ways, as well (the uncle is coming dressed as Santa Claus, because he thinks his nephew will like that for some reason). Batman and Robin kidnap the boy and subject him to a version of A Christmas Carol by showing him the dangers of his actions.


Meanwhile, the boy's advisers are making it so that he CAN'T change direction in life, since they are making too much money and would prefer to see him dead. Batman and Robin foil the plot and the young boy decides to become a Santa rather than a Scrooge, with Batman and Robin's help!

Adorable stuff.

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