A-Team Director Eyes Up Preacher

Sam Mendes may have left the Preacher movie for an ill-fated stint as the man in charge of the James Bond franchise, but a new director may be about to step forward to make a movie out of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's classic comic...

A-Team director Joe Carnahan told Superhero Hype that he'd be interested in taking on the project:

I'm kind of desperate to do another comic book adaptation... And the other thing I'm really keen on or interested in is 'Preacher' because I'm a big Garth Ennis fan and I love that series and that's out there, and that might be something… I really love that. You gotta do the Allfather (D'Aronique) and all that crazy sh*t and I haven't seen a script and I don't know what it is, but yeah, we'll see. Who knows?

Carnahan definitely has the in-your-face qualities necessary for some of Preacher's elements, but could he pull off the quieter, more subtle moments?

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