A Sunday Sequel of Sorts

I was going to do this as one of a bunch of "Cross-Hatchings" hodgepodge items the next time I put one up, but I decided this deserved its own post.

A couple of years ago, I put up a reminiscence here about my one foray into superhero fan fiction, a Batman story I did as a gift for a friend in rehab. Eventually that friend ended up succumbing to her own demons and going to prison in 2008.

In prison, she found the same redemption from doing art and writing that she'd pushed me into finding for myself by doing the Batman story, two decades previously.

She's out now and she is writing a book about her experiences, an expansion of the diary she kept in prison. The chapters are going up one by one as a blog, here.

It's harrowing reading but well worth it. For all those friends and readers and commenters who asked me about her or expressed the hope that she'd get it together in the years since I wrote the original columns, well, now you know. Check it out.

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