A Sort Of Amused, Smirking Response To Hatcher's Post About Twelve Year Olds Running Comics

Or another way of describing this. Which continues Hatcher (or OG Greg, as I call him, because for a middle aged comics nerd who teaches art, dude's street) great streak of reminding all of you young punks that nothing in comics ever changes. I think. Maybe I missremember it.

Ahem. One reason why I've never been able to freak out adequately about Joe Quesada giving Spider-Man a satanic divorce (beyond the great amusement I get from Spider-Man getting a satanic divorce when a normal one was deemed too controversial) is that I know that, if Marvel is still bothering to publish comics in 20 years, someone my age will revert the marriage back. Provided Joe and co. don't do that in a year or two anyway just to appease all of the barbarians at the gate. You whiney babies ought to get a bottle some day, I guess.

Also, is there any way we can get reprints of those Engleheart Beast stories? I mean, it seems like Marvel will eventually reprint everything they've ever published, but could someone fast track that? Or did they when I wasn't paying attention? If I could swing it so that Spider-Man re-married MJ, would someone help me out in getting those in print? While we're just throwing things out there that aren't happening until a slow month in 2012, you know.

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