A serious question about <i>Civil War</i> - not a rant, I swear!

I had occasion to link to something I posted on the old blog about the press release announcing Civil War (thanks for heeding my pathetic begging, by the way), and as I re-read it, I came across this nugget:

"Despite the media, despite the legislation, despite the evidence, Wolverine knows there is one man responsible for setting off the chain of events that have led to this Civil War."

So, can anyone tell me if anything happened with this?  I didn't read the thing, and I tried to avoid the tie-ins, and I thought the mutants were sitting this whole thing out because, well, for some reason.  Does this just mean that they had no idea how it would end and they just threw Wolverine's name in there so people would think he had a part in it?


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