A Saturday Footnote

I got to wondering about Gold Key artist Alberto Giolitti after posting last night's column, and did a little digging around on the net.

I found this entry on Lambiek that I thought was interesting. Turns out Giolitti was running quite a studio operation in Italy through the 60's and 70's. It also explains who the backup strip artist on Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Nevio Zaccara, was; he was one of Giolitti's apprentices/employees/junior guys in the same studio operation, apparently.


I read an awful lot of his comics in my youth, I was all over the Gold Key adventure and horror books. In fact, throw in his studio guys' output and I think the Giolitti operation was responsible for everything I ever bought from Gold Key except the Russ Manning Tarzan. But I never knew his name until last night. I'm glad there are fans out there that keep track of these things.

Here's a Giolitti page as I remember them looking... typically, you would always find, in some combination: a tough guy, a scared girl, and monsters.

That's all. Just footnoting. Thought somebody besides me might be interested and I'd save 'em the Googling.

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