A roundup of best-of-the-year (and decade) pieces

• Matt Phelan's graphic novel The Storm in the Barn is the youth fiction winner of Booklist magazine's 2009 Top of the List, selected by the editors of the American Library Association review journal.

• NPR's list of the best books of 2009 includes Asterios Polyp, The TOON Treasury of Classic Children's Comics, Stitches: A Memoir and Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth.

• Tom Spurgeon's holiday interviews with writers discussing emblematic comics of the decade have, unsurprisingly, been incredibly good: Sean T. Collins on Blankets; Frank Santoro on Multiforce; Bart Beaty on Persepolis; Kristy Valenti on So Many Splendid Sundays; and Shaenon Garrity on Achewood.

• Deb Aoki rounds up the best new manga 0f 2009 based on the selections of other critics.

• Johanna Draper Carlson names her Top 6 graphic novels of the year, plus six more that didn't make the cut.

• John Seven runs down the best archives and collections of the decade, including The Complete Peanuts and Showcase Presents.

Re:Generator Magazine lists the best comic books of the year, from Deadpool and The Umbrella Academy: Dallas to Groom Lake and North 40.

• At the Forbidden Planet International blog, Sean Azzopardi (Necessary Monsters) chats about his favorite comics, and other entertainment, of 2009.

• At Comics Alliance, Jason Michelitch names the stars of Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden as the best animal team of 2009.

• I'm not sure that I get the thinking behind it, but io9.com unveils its "2009 Science Fiction Power List," which includes DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and writer Warren Ellis.

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