A roundup of best-of comics lists

Best of the year, best of the decade -- these best-of lists are coming out so quickly that it's difficult to keep up with them. But let's try:

• Comics critic Douglas Wolk selects the best graphic novels of 2009, from Asterios Polyp to Final Crisis, for Barnes & Noble.

• At The Daily Cross Hatch, a roster of creators ranging from Jeffrey Brown to Lilli Carre to Dean Haspiel select "the best damned comics of 2009."

• At io9.com, Graeme McMillan spotlights 10 of the decade's best science-fiction comics, including 100%, Planetes and Casanova. He also names Batwoman as one of the best new characters of the decade.

• Drawn! contributors Matt Forsythe and John Martz roll out lists of their favorite comics and art books of the year.

• Writer-artist Gerry Alanguilan discusses his favorite comics of the year with the Forbidden Planet International blog.

• Matt Price, feature editor and comics blogger for The Oklahoman, includes A Drifting Life and A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge among his choices.

• At Geek To Me, Marissa Meli selects her Top 8 comics of the year.

• A contributor to The Inkwell Bookstore blog takes the "Best Comics I Read in 2009" approach with a rundown that includes Cold Heat, Pluto and The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

• Mike Williams at Techland counts down the Top 10 superhero deaths of the decade.

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