A review a day: <i>Ed Contradictory</i> #1-2

Here's another comic book sent to me in the mail. Ah, mail. Is there anything it can't do?

Ed Contradictory #1-2 are two issues collecting the webcomic by Ed Conley. They each cost $3.50.

The comic follows the adventures of Ed Contradictory, a fictionalized version of the creator. We meet him when he's pitching Shark Train to SciFi Network (before their name change, obviously) and go from there. Eventually SciFi picks Dinoghost (the tag line is "Who says all ghosts were once human?") over Shark Train, and Ed moves on with the comic. We get many characters - Victorian scientists, pandas, Magical Booze Fish, the mercenary dude from Shark Train, Gus the drunken Santa Claus, Ed's negativity monster - and lots and lots of gags. I laughed a lot at these strips. There's not really much of a plot or narrative to discuss (although Ed does have a few threads running through them - they aren't one-off strips), so I just thought I'd post a random sampling of the strips and let you decide whether you like them or not:

I know that these are on-line for free and that might put you off buying these, but I dislike reading stuff on-line and it's always fun to have all the storylines collected so you don't have to remember week-by-week (Conley posts these weekly) what's going on. But each strip has a ton of fun stuff in it even if you're not following the main storyline. Ed's sense of humor is very dry and doesn't rely on bodily functions or fluids or other crude stuff, which I often don't find funny. He just gives us a lot of wry observations and odd situations, and it's hilarious. I'll give you an example (in addition to the ones above): in the first strip, Ed worries that the folk at SciFi might think he's a fraud. The receptionist says, "You do understand that you're pitching a low-budget movie to the SciFi Network, right?" Ed says, "Oh, I know," and she responds, "These are the people that made the horror film about the refrigerator that are people." Ed answers, "Don't think I don't know because believe me, I know." Just from that, I knew I'd like the strip. If that made you laugh, you'll probably like the rest.

You can follow the strip on-line or go to the site, e-mail Ed, and get your own copy. It's funny! I HAVE SPOKEN!

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