A return trip to Switzerland with Batman, Betty Boop and more

Welcome once again to Shelf Porn, our look at the collections of fans around the world. Today’s submission comes from Fran Sad from Lausanne, Switzerland. Fran shared his collection with us last year, and now he once again shows off his graphic novels, posters and other cool stuff.

If you'd like to see your collection here--either for the first time or again--send your write-up and some jpg images to jkparkin@yahoo.com.

And now let's hear from Fran ...


My name is Fran from Lausanne, Switzerland. One year ago, you published my photos from my personal shelf porn. Thank you for that. Now, I have new stuff and a new place to collect my stuff so I decided to give you some new pictures with my comments.

I have found a big shelf at the Salvation Army, the cost was very cheap and the shelf is very strong, ideal for lot of comic books, especially paperbacks. As you can see, if you remember my last post more than one year ago, I'm now into collectibles.

The living room is now full of cds and dvds, and I had do something with the table (it was in very bad shape) with some cardboard ads from the Millennium movie remake by David Fincher. It's waterproof of course.

The Betty Boop collection of my girlfriend Sabine is now over 60 statues with a new central display. The collection is made by M6 Interractive, a division of the French TV channel M6.

Batman by Jim Lee, some Batman black & white statues and two robots from the seventies by Go Nagai, the first one is, of course, Mazinger Z and the second is Getter-1. It's a beautiful collection of non articulated robots from the Japanese label T-O-P! Collection.

This is my DC Comics collection (yeah, I am a DC guy for the last 10 years, but I still love Marvel Comics as you will see)

A graphic novel of Amy Winehouse drawn by Javi Fernandez, a DC comics artist.

My Vertigo comics collection. I am a fan since the beginning and I regret to having give away all my monthly titles, them and all my DC & Marvel. It was a choice because of the proliferation of trade paperbacks but a lot of series are still not collected at this time and I suppose it was not a very clever move from myself. More sad is the fact that I was writing a book about the 20 first years of Vertigo, but my last computer break months ago so I give up. Maybe in another life...

The Marvel comics and independents zone

All my Marvel Comics. It's a love/hate affair for 20 years because I constantly sell Marvel Comics. Basicaly I had 50% of all-time Marvel comics during my life and now I have just the comics you see. Don't ask why, please.

My Dark Horse collection with lots of Conan The Barbarian and some Hellboy. A work in progress.

The independents section with lots of cool stuff but yeah, it's still missing lots of artists and series. I'm working on it. I turned 40 years old on November 2 so I think the next ten years will be a great journey to find all the classic I still need to have a proper collection. What do you think?

A stunning 3D poster of Batman in the bathroom!

The bed room is full of magazines (Mad Movies, The Comics Journal, mangas and books)

The fluffs of my girlfriend! with new members (Totoro, Winnie the Pooh, Darth Vader...)

That's all folks, thank you and see you in ten years for my third update!

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