A retcon for the ages: Lex Luthor, cake-taker!

It's days like this that I regret not being a regular reader of Superman.

Via Dean Trippe, Rob Bricken and undoubtedly countless others comes this glorious panel from Superman #709, out now. If you don't get the reference, then you've probably not experienced the wonder that is The Super Dictionary, a bizarre 1978 children's book that used DC Comics superheroes to define some 4,000 words. (Also, you've probably not spent much time on Tumblr.)

Assembled by Warner Educational Services, the surreal 416-page book utilizes an image of Supergirl, I don't know, winking at a rat to teach kids the word "ever," and a shot of Joker ready to hurl a woman to her death to illustrate "scream." And for "forty," the lil' ones get a purple jumpsuit-clad Lex Luthor making off with 40 cakes. And that's terrible.

But with this week's issue, Superman writer Chris Roberson does the previously inconceivable: He introduces that dark chapter from Luthor's past into DC canon! And that's fantastic.

What's more, if Luthor's cake-stealing actually happened in the post-Crisis DC Universe, so did Wonder Woman's tug of war with a shoe-stealing whale, and Hawkman's possible devouring of the Atom! To heck with Flashpoint -- Roberson has created the launching point for the next big DC event.

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