A Report on "The Colbert Report" with Joe Quesada

While Marvel's Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada said in an earlier interview with CBR that he had quite a few butterflies before going on "The Colbert Report" last night, you couldn't tell he was nervous at all based on his appearance.

Joe Quesada was Stephen Colbert's guest on "The Colbert Report" Thursday evening and handled himself with grace as an ambassador for comics. Quesada got things off to a good start. "Considering what I do for a living, it is an honor, sir, to be here with a real, true, flesh and blood American superhero," Quesada told Colbert, who apparently was speechless and simply shook Quesada's hand in thanks.

The discussion that followed included a comment by Colbert that he likes comics, but doesn't like books, so what should he call these little periodicals we love so much? "Graphic literature," offered up Quesada, which seemed to satisfy Colbert because he said it made it sound like there were no words.

A lightning round followed in typical Colbert fashion with comic book style sound effects added for good measure (used in such a manner as not to be totally embarrassing, thankfully) which was followed by a discussion of the Marvel Universe and Quesada describing the events in "Civil War." As Quesada finished and the segment wrapped, Colbert offered up the following comment on "Civil War," "I look forward to the rest of the series. I loved the beginning of it." Can you get a better endorsement than that?

Of course, a written report on the appearance doesn't do it justice, so why not check it out over at KungFuRodeo.com who've got the segment ready for your viewing pleasure. The episode can also be purchased via Apple's iTunes for $1.99.

As the "Report" went to commercial, a mock comic cover drawn by Quesada of "The Rampaging Colbert" in a most hulk-like form was flashed on the screen, with Colbert holding an American flag that's impaled a bear. Apparently this cover would have led to a discussion of Quesada's stand on bears in the Marvel U (Colbert is firmly against them), but the conversation between the duo went so well they never got to it.

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with Joe Quesada's pencils to the cover, which you can see above. Also, special thanks to Stephen Gerding at Kung Fu Rodeo for help with screen grabs.

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