A real-life Pokémon Gym is opening in Japan

Just when you thought the upcoming augmented-reality game might be the closest you'll ever get to real-life Pokémon, a Japanese company has announced an actual Pokémon Gym.

Opening Nov. 19 in Osaka, the Pokémon Expo Gym is described as a "hands-on edutainment" facility where young Trainers -- and probably more than a few older ones -- can receive tips about training their (obviously real) Pokémon.

Among the Gym's programs are “Charizard’s Battle Colosseum” and “Gardevoir’s Control Score." There will also be a “Pokémon Expo Gym Gear” app, which will allow Trainers to track their rankings and progress.

Whether the Pokémon Expo Gym will expand beyond Osaka remains to be seen, but given the growing reach of the pocket monsters, it seems pretty likely.

(via Siliconera, Polygon)

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