A Real Dare Devil: Kinney Previews 10 Pages of "Killer Stunts, Inc."

It's been a long, hard slog through the comics industry for Scott Alan Kinney. Two years ago we first told you about a new series called "Killer Stunts, Inc." about a stunt man named Billy Andrews who's basically indestructible due to the fact he also happens to be a vampire.

Shortly after the first issue was published Hollywood took notice of the book and soon the publishing side came to a screeching halt. Only one issue was self-published before the story was reworked with that vampiric part of the story jettisoned, as Kinney told us in June of 2004. On the publishing side, things were about to move ahead, this time set up with a new publisher, DPG Visions, but then that fell apart.

That brings us to the present. The first issue of the regular series finally sees publication through Alias Enterprises and is available at better comic shops around the country as of today. Kinney stopped by to give us a brief update one what's happened since our last conversation and to share an exclusive, massive preview of the first issue.

To start with, Kinney updated us on the journey "Killer Stunts, Inc." has taken these past two years. "Well, 'Killer Stunts, Inc.' actually started as a black and white preview comic that I released at the San Diego Comic-Con back in '03," Kinney told CBR News. "Hollywood producers and agents came at me from every direction for the property. So, wanting to be more involved with what could potentially make it on the big screen, I temporarily set the comic series aside and worked with Leo Partible on something we thought could be bigger and also work as a film.

"After working on a screen story for many months, I decided I was ready to start writing the first comic book story arc. By that time, all my ideas had totally changed, so, this new four issue mini-series is loosely based on the screen story I was involved in crafting."

With the first issue landing in comic shops today, the question remains how it went from DPG Visions to Alias Enterprises? "DPG Visions was expecting some funding to come through to help get the company up and running, but something there fell through," said Kinney. "I think DPG Visions may resurface as a studio instead of a publisher at some point. Anyway, I wasn't going to let anything stop me from getting 'KSI' published, so I started to look for a new publisher.

"I did eventually speak with a couple of interested potential publishers, but when Mike S. Miller approached me about working with Alias, I jumped on that. One thing I know about Mike, having casually known him for just about ten years now, is that he's a real networker, he understands marketing, and he never gives up! Comic book store owners know who Mike is because he calls them and listens to what they have to say. He seeks their input; owners are on the ground at the front lines and know what their customers want."

With the book finally ending up in comic readers hands, Kinney's excited to see what the response will be knowing that "Killer Stunts, Inc." isn't your typical comic book. "'Killer Stunts, Inc.' is a bit different than what is prevalent on the comic stands right now, I'll admit. It's not a superhero book, and yet, it is in a way. Stuntmen do things we might consider superheroic on a daily basis. Someone like Jackie Chan could almost be Spider-Man without the spider bite, you know?"

And with a stunt man as the star of the series, you can expect lots of action. "The name and premise demand it! But, the characters have to work...they have to be believable and likeable. I've spent a lot of time getting in to my character's heads. Each member of Billy's stunt team has their own little quirks and things they do that make me laugh.

"I try to do at least two action sequences per issue. I let the story dictate how many pages of action we see. The first issue has a James Bond-like opening, a car/cycle chase, and a bare-knuckled brawl to cap it off. Action takes up at least half the pages of issue #1. There's a bit more plot and story to delve in to with #2."

The first issue of "Killer Stunts, Inc." by Scott Alan Kinney and artists Scott Cohn and Mike Mankley is available today in finer comic shops everywhere from Alias Enterprises today. We've also got the first 10 pages of issue #1 below. Simply click the images to enlarge.

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